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The Medical Center “Pro Medical Guarant”

    “Pro Medical Guarant” is the medical center, which carries out medical examination for seamen, who work on the vessels of sea and river transport. Our professional staff provides medical service at the highest possible level. Our clients can pass medical examinations at the center and receive medical certificates for their employment. Our strongest points include: carrying out all types of examinations, high speed of making analyses, modern equipment and flexible work schedule.

    The protection and enhancement of the physical and mental health of seafarers through a combination of testing, diagnosis, dietary guidance, sanitation guidelines, medical and psychological monitoring and support in real time and worldwide.

    Dedicated to achieving the above goals, we are team of physicians of different specialties based in Odessa, Ukraine and supported by a web of specialists.
    The Medical Center “Pro Medical Guarant” offers companies services which guarantee your employee’s medical health during their stay aboard.
    As a certified medical examination institute, Medical Center “Pro Medical Guarant”, can offer you a wide variety of medical examinations.

    We have adequate medical examination facilities at our disposal and the right specialized knowledge. Thanks to our close cooperation with hospitals, we can offer you the advantage of rehabilitation and minimal waiting times. Examination results are readily available. In the event of an emergency, we will do our best to make last-minute inspections possible.

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