Medical services

Registration of medical certificates

1. Medical certificates for drivers FORM 083/o
2. To obtain weapons FORM 127/o
3. Medical certificates for the management of watercraft
4. Medical examination upon hiring 1 – OMK
5. Help to the pool
6. Medical certificate form 086/about the entrant

Diagnostics and analyzes

1. Physical examination
2. Dentist examination
3. Assessment by a psychologist
4. Examination by an ophthalmologist
5. Color tests:
a) Ishihara test
b) Bostrom-Kugelber test
c) Rabkin test

6. Audiometry
7. X-ray of the chest organs
8. Electrocardiogram
9. Stress test
10. Urine analysis
11. Analysis of feces
12. Complete blood count
13. Blood test for group

14. Blood sugar test
15. Test for antigen of Hepatitis A, B, C
16. HIV test
17. Syphilis test
18. Ultrasound examination
19. Leaver Test
20. Analysis for alcohol and drugs



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