Medical certificates for drivers FORM 083/o

Today a medical certificate is needed for drivers:

    • When registering a driver’s license;
    • Recovering a lost driver’s license;
    • Making adjustments to personal data;
    • When registering an accident;
    • During technical inspection.

    Required documents for obtaining a certificate for drivers:
    • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
    • Two photos 3 ? 4;

    To receive medical certificate 083 / o, clients need:
    1. Call by phone. + 380969196001 to sign up;
    2. Come to the address Observatory Lane, 2/6 from 10:00 to 14:00;
    3. Pick up the certificate form 083 / o within 15 minutes.
    In the medical center we issue a medical certificate for the driver of the established
    sample quickly, efficiently and with minimal time investment!
    We save your time!

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