Marine medical board

    According to modern requirements, in order to ensure safe navigation, members of the crews of sea and river vessels conducting medical, including laboratory research is mandatory.
    The unique modern high-tech equipment produced by the companies of the USA and Japan, as well as the high qualification of the specialists working in the center, allows us to provide an urgent and qualified analysis of biological fluids for the content of narcotic and potent substances.

    The certificate of suitability issued by the “Pro Medical Guarant” includes the results of a full examination by specialist doctors, instrumental and laboratory tests, including evidence of the presence or absence the main types of narcotic and psychotropic drugs and alcohol in the blood of seafarers.

List of services provided by
Medical center “Pro Medical Guarant”

    • Medical screening studies and accompaniment of pupils, cadets and students of maritime educational institutions.
    • Medical examination and certification of the crew of sea and river vehicles
    • Medical examination of candidates for vehicle drivers with the issuance of relevant documents
    • Independent psychophysiological testing, expertise of workers in the maritime industry and other categories of persons performing work of increased danger.
    • Consulting on marine medicine and seafarers’ health protection.

    “Pro Medical Guarant” provides an opportunity to carry out diagnostics using modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, which allows doctors to provide the following medical services:

  1. Dentist consultations, dental X-ray diagnostics, therapeutic and surgical assistance.
  2. Psychophysiological testing.
  3. Consultation with a dermatovenerologist.
  4. Consulting a urologist.
  5. Gynecologist’s consultations.
  6. Consultation with a cardiologist.
  7. Consultation of a therapist.
  8. Consulting a neurologist with echoencephalography, electroencephalography, rheoencephalography.
  9. Consulting with an otorhinolaryngologist, including audiometry.
  10. ECG diagnostics, stress test, respiratory function study.
  11. Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs, thyroid gland, heart.
  12. Fluorography.
  13. Fibrogastroduodenoscopy, with bacteriological examination.
  14. Consultations with an ophthalmologist, with ophthalmotonometry, skiascopy, refractometry, eye biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy.
  15. Computer systemic functional express diagnostics according to Voll to obtain information about the functions of vital organs and systems, determine the processes preceding the disease and assess the risk of developing diseases.
  16. Laboratory diagnostics, including: clinical studies of blood and urine, biochemical blood tests, determination of the group and Rh factor, detection of antibodies to human immunodeficiency viruses of types 1 and 2 (HIV) and hepatitis B (Ag HBC) and C (HCV) ), Wasserman reaction (by the method of cardiolipin microprecipitation).
  17. Alcohol-narcotic testing by chromatographic method (determination and identification of drugs, stimulants, tranquilizers and antidepressants in biological fluids – urine, blood, saliva); immunodeficiency method, using the photometer “ELX 800” and specific sets of plates. Standard list of substances to be determined: amphetamines, cannabinoids (marijuana), opiates, barbiturates, morphine, cocaine, benzodiazepines, alcohol.
  18. Consultations with a narcologist, followed by correction of manifestations of psychological dependence on psychoactive substances.
  19. Consultation of a psychiatrist with an experimental psychological study of personality characteristics or individual mental functions with subsequent correction of existing neurotic or psychosomatic disorders.
  20. Bacterioscopic and cytological examination of smears of the urogenital system discharge.
  21. For the treatment of neurological, psychosomatic, diencephalic and neurotic disorders, specialized offices have been created with the active use of reflexology methods.

Documents that are required to pass the medical examination:

  1. Seaman’s passport;
  2. Photos 3 х 4 (4 pcs.);
  3. Medical book (if available);
  4. A referral from a crewing agency or exact knowledge of the scope of the survey that we have to do for you;
  5. Passport;
  6. If available, please bring your previous vaccinations with you, including your yellow fever vaccination certificate, ADSM (diphtheria and tetanus vaccination).

Opening hours:

    daily from 10.00 to 14.00, no lunch break. day off: Saturday, Sunday.

We are located at:

    d. Odessa st. Observatory lane 2/6, office 23.
    You can reach us by tram # 28 and trolleybus # 3.
    Tel .: +38 (096) 919 6001 , +38 (063) 573 3733 , + 38 (048) 770-75-65
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